Learn about the leaders and governing body of Eglise Evangelique De La Renaissance


The administration of Eglise Evangelique De La Renaissance - Christian Counseling Ministries, Inc., is a dynamic group of talented individuals bought together to honor God through the effective conduct of the church's operations.

The administration is responsible for ensuring the spiritual integrity of the church and ensuring that both Eglise Evangelique De La Renaissance and Christian Counseling Ministries, Inc., boldly proclaim the truth that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t end there: The administration is also responsible for financial stewardship, accurate reporting of financial information to external accounting firms and government entities. At all time, the administration seeks to bring the best in terms of leadership development in order to keep the ministry strong.

The administration is made up of the Pastoral leadership team, the church administrator, the vice president of the church, the secretary, and treasurer.


Senior Pastor and Founder

Eglise Evangelique De La Renaissance - Christian Counseling Ministries, Inc., began out of the Jean-Pierre residence after Pastor Jean-Pierre decided to begin a new ministry. Several years later, the ministry has grown, and with God's help and guidance, the ministry will continue to grow.

Today, you can find Pastor Jean-Pierre helping the volunteers in the rapidly-growing food pantry. As always, we are very grateful for Pastor Jean-Pierre as they continue to do God's work in the Poconos.

Pastor Jean-Pierre and the rest of the pastoral leadership request your prayers as they continue to seek God's face and drive this ministry to where the Lord directs.


Church Administrator

Mirline Jean-Pierre is the first lady of Eglise Evangelique De La Renaissance and the Head of the Church's Administration. Her responsibilities include offering insight, guidance, and support to Pastor Jean-Pierre and the rest of the leadership team.

We are truly grateful for Mrs. Jean-Pierre and we will continue to pray for God's blessings for her. Please continue to keep Mrs. Jean-Pierre in your prayers as the ministry continues to do God's work in the Poconos and beyond.


Youth Pastor

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and He will direct your paths." (Proverbs 3:5-6)

"In a time of great uncertainty, it is important for us to have a solid foundation to stand on. It is even more important that the foundation on which we depend on is sure, steady, and able to withstand any storm. That only foundation is Jesus Christ. No matter what obstacle you are facing in life, rest assured that the Lord is your sure foundation."

Isaac Jean-Pierre serves as the junior pastor at Eglise Evangelique De La Renaissance, and requests your prayers as he continues his personal journey with the Lord.